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Monday, June 21, 2010

Elgin photographer

Greetings from Scotland!

I am in quaint, lovely Elgin at the moment, for the the first International Trumpet Conference held here.

Heard trumpet greats such as Andrea Tofanelli, James Bond soundtrack player, Derek Watkins, Ryan Quigley, and Georgina Bromilow. Met new friends and saw some old ones too. 

Natural Spice is a great Indian food restaurant. I highly recommned it. It is just by the Town square here
Enjoying the food, weather and beautiful scenery. :-) I have taken at least 800 photos already!
Check back soon for picures! Looking forward to seeing Grandma in Devon. Met a couple this morning from Florida at breakfast. Watched them try black pudding- with much intimidation, they said it tasted interesting.

Hasta luego
Chì mi rithist thu (Scottish gaelic)
Cheerio for now!! :-) 

In Him,

many thanks to staff at Mansion House hotel for allowing me to borrow a computer, enabling me to write this. :-)

That was a rare post-  absolutely no photos! And I call myself a photographer! Well, you must excuse me and understand that this is a public computer and I can't possibly upload my 832 pics at this present moment! 

Thanks for understanding. :-)