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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yet another great Farmers Market day!

I had a great time today at my Photography booth. Met a neat lady who has several International student friends, and she also wants to learn Spanish like me!

I got more pom-pom orange, yellow, pink and magenta zinnias and yellow sunflower. I refilled my old vintage shaving mug pictured in another post. The ladies wil give you free refills after you buy a mug, vase or milk bottle. I got mine for only $4! And I have had 1 free refills of flowers now!  :-)The people and vendors at our Market are so great.

This is the inventory now in our kitchen:

 3 cukes (cucumbers), 
and 1/2 lb okra, 
12-14 ears of Oklahoman grown corn, 

1 basket bright red cherries, 
a jar of hand made grape jelly, and a jar of blackberry preserves,
another basket of pink cherries,
and a heart full of joy and gratitude!

I had some good conversations. Gave out VIA magazines. I enjoyed talking with the owner of Dead Coyote Farm. He gave me a picture he printed for me of Lydia, Mum and I at the mkt. a few weeks ago.
:-) He is also a photographer.

Out of all 6 of us at the FM, not a one got headaches or sunstroke, despite being outside from 8 am till 1pm! Praise the Lord for HIS goodness toward us, the sheep of HIS pasture.

Joyfully HIS,
Elizabeth Joy
1 Peter 1:4-9