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Friday, July 2, 2010

Keeping our eyes on HIM :-)

shortbread I made for the F.M. (Farmer's Mkt.) 

I was just thinking this week of how we get wrapped up in our day to day lives, school, work, swimming lessons, photography, music practice, that sometimes we forget to think about our Savior, Jesus Christ.

If we took a few moments each day to stop and reflect on His saving grace towards us and the great, terrible price he paid for our salvation from sin.... it would cause us to fall to our knees in humble gratitude.

May we praise the Savior, ye who know Him! 


 If you don't recognize this hymn, please go here: 

  1. Praise the Savior, ye who know Him!
    Who can tell how much we owe Him?
    Gladly let us render to Him
      All we are and have.
  2. Jesus is the name that charms us;
    He for conflicts fits and arms us;
    Nothing moves and nothing harms us
      When we trust in Him.
  3. Trust in Him, ye saints, forever;
    He is faithful, changing never;
    Neither force nor guile can sever
      Those He loves from Him.
  4. Keep us, Lord, oh, keep us cleaving
    To Thyself and still believing,
    Till the hour of Thy receiving
      The victorious Bride.
  5. Then we shall be where we would be;
    Then we shall be what we should be;
    Things which are not now, nor could be,
      Then shall be our own.

A photographer I met at the Farmer's Market took this photo below.
He sells "ugly tomatoes" and "ugly cucumbers" because he can't grow a pretty tomato, he said.   :-) 

The "ugly cucumber salesman" and photographer-
 Darrell Barton from Dead Coyote Hill, Oklahoma
Scotland June 2010
Regan has a jewelry booth at the farmer's market where she sells necklaces, earrings and bracelets she has designed. She is near our booth on Wednesdays.
    Glazed pottery jewelry 
   -created by "Regal Designs by Regan"-