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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shanghai pictures -Sep 2010-

                      Pray for CHINA!

                  Shanghai at the World EXPO

The UK Pavilion
 Each one of those plastic spikes has a rare (or almost extinct)
 seed at the end of it.  From the inside of the building you can see each individual seed up close.

 Mom and little daughter in Shanghai.
8:30 am after Tai Chi.

 Tai Chi in the park 

Early morning chores in Shanghai. 

 Park by night in Shanghai 

Everyone wanted their picture taken with us. During the whole trip!

My littlest sister really missed me the whole trip, she was so, glad to see me when I got back! She would follow me around all day, as if I would disappear or something.
  Sisters are the best :-) :-) 

The Libya Pavilion

The workmens' tools at the World Expo (they were still completing the Libya exterior) 

We watched a musical concert performed by Angolan musicians 

More pictures coming soon!
Next up is more of Shanghai and then Hong Kong.