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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Godly Alternative to College-

Wed, September 1, 2010 10:16:08 PM

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Dear Higher Education, Pardon the Disruption

Dear Friends,
W hy do Christian parents consistently abdicate stewardship over the minds and worldviews of their young people at one of the most formative periods of life? Why do God-fearing families surrender their sons and daughters as hostages to a morally bankrupt education system, knowing that their likely ransom will be violated convictions and unbelief?
For many years I have shared with families about the pitfalls of traditional higher education, challenging parents not to abdicate their role as authorities and overseers at one of the most critical times in their children’s education. If you have a student considering community college or traditional school, I encourage you to read my recent blog post, “Dear Higher Education, Pardon the Disruption.”
In this blog post I cite a college professor who lays out his radical plan for changing the values of the next generation. I also discuss debt and how it enslaves students and delays marriage, and share the latest statistics on how even some well known “Christian” schools are becoming “Christian” in name only. Click here to read my blog post.

Redefining Higher Education
As grim as the higher education outlook is for young adults, the demand for college-educated people has never been higher. This is where conflict spurs a movement to disrupt higher education and reinvent college. Leading the charge to disrupt education and provide an affordable, family-friendly approach to college is CollegePlus!
A college degree is not a prerequisite for success, and should only be pursued after prayerful consideration. However, as you consider the best long-term education approach for your children, I encourage you at minimum to learn more about CollegePlus! and how their program uniquely serves the family. And I continue to give CollegePlus! my full support and recommendation.
Doug Phillips
President, Vision Forum Ministries

Special Limited-Time Offer
Through September 30th

We believe so strongly in this program that we have arranged a special gift for families. Now through September 30, 2010, any student who enrolls in the CollegePlus! program, will receive:
  • A $250 Gift Certificate to Vision Forum
  • Two Free Months of Coaching (value of $450)
This is a total discount value of $700! Use Promo Code VFM10 to take advantage of this offer. Visit for more details.

Student Testimonies

Kelly N.>
CollegePlus! helped me, a mother of 3 young children and a full-time homeschooling teacher, to finish my degree that I had wanted to complete for the last 13 years. I was able to complete 72 credits within a 13 month period and now have my Bachelor’s degree.
—Kelly N., Florida, BA Humanities. Watch a video of Kelly’s story.
John S.
I started with CollegePlus! at 15 years old. Within 6 months, I earned 60 credits. At 17 I graduated with my degree and got a job as a financial analyst in Manhattan where they started me at $60,000 a year. I’m now in my second year of law school where I have a full scholarship.
—John S., New Jersey, BA Liberal Studies. Watch a video of John’s story.
Cristina D.
I enrolled in CollegePlus! at the age of 17, with great expectations, and the program has met and exceeded every one. 21 months later and for under $13,000 for the entire degree, I completed my BA in English.
—Cristina D., Ohio, BA English.
Cole C.
CollegePlus! minimizes every opportunity cost! I studied from home, I continued to work, and I remained involved with my family! I’m now studying for my MBA at a local university.
—Cole C., Texas, BSBA General Management
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