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Monday, August 9, 2010

A long awaited post!

My new dress! A friend made it for me and I chose the fabric and pattern. Can't wait till it is done! It is my only dress, they are increasingly hard to find even in thrift stores.... Walmart, no.
Dillards and JCPenney, absolutely not! 
and Kohls maybe? but mostly not.
Target, no good dresses there either!

My brother made these stools, bench and the table from a tree that fell over in the ice storm a few years back. We had the wood milled into planks and it has aged for about a year now. He just got a neat library book to make some of this, a Civil War era carpentry reproductions book. He learned just by reading the book and following the pictures!

He has now turned our garage into a nice workshop where he is almost all the time hammering and cutting away.

Some friends' milk goats and the cow is also theirs. :-) 

evening shadows 

my good friends! 

many pounds of peaches and 55 lbs (9 laundry baskets/5gal buckets) of yummy green apples! We canned and made jam and apple pie filling too. :-) 

the fruit of our labors! 

early morning light.....

and warm, glowing, evening light.

I noticed in this post that green is a recurring color theme I seem to take pictures of! I like it, it is so alive, and bright and spring/summer like. We should be alive and green, bearing spiritual fruit for our Savior,  The Lord Jesus Christ! 

><> 1 Peter 1:4-9 <>< 

This is a great chapter and also the whole book of Peter. I encourage you to choose a portion of Scripture and memorize and write it on your heart. That is what God instructs us to do. It keeps us from sin in our daily thought lives and helps curb my tongue when I am tempted to lash out at my family. 
"Who when He was reviled DID NOT REVILE in return, when He suffered he did not retaliate but committed HIMSELF to Him who judges RIGHT-EOUSLY" (Rightly, honestly and with fairness)
1 Peter is so wonderful and I really enjoy it! 

milking time and talking time. :-) 
My favorite countries right now. I cannot wait to go back to Turkey and also go to Israel, Iran, Afghanistan or Egypt. I have been reading a book from the lib. called "How to learn Turkish."
I found this online about the Turkish language. It is so interesting to think that all the various languages originated from ONE Language! And the Tower of Babel changed all that- as we very well know!  :-)

Have a blessed day in Jesus Christ! 
And teşekkür ederim  for staying and reading till the end! :-) 

Joyfully HIS,
><> 1 Peter 1:4-9 <>< 

P.S. I need to update the blog with more pics of Turkey, Istanbul, Kutahya and Efes....
 I got some neat pics of the artists painting the ceramic porcelain bowls and plates in Kutahya. Look that name up online and you can learn some Turkish culture. :-) 

make yourself heard in Turkish !


Richard Chambers / Chicago University
Since 1928, Turkish has been written in a slightly modified Latin alphabet which is very nearly phonetic.
The Turkish alphabet has 8 vowels (A E I İ O Ö U Ü ) and 21 consonants. The letters Q,W and X do not exist in Turkish. Most letters are pronounced pretty much as you would expect, but some are not. Once the phonetic value of all letters is known, then it is rather easy to pronounce any word one sees or to spell any word one hears.The following letters require explanation:
Aa = "a" as in "card" or "dark", never as "a" in"cat" or "back" ( kan = blood )
Cc = "J" as in "judge" ( can= life, soul, pronounced like "John" )
Çç = "ch" as in "church"( çay= tea, pronounced "chay", rhymes with "buy" )
Ee = "e" as in "bed" ( ekmek =bread )
Gg = "g" as in "get" ( gelin =bride )
g ( yumuşak ge [soft g] Never appears as the first letter in a word; essentially silent; sometimes lengthens preceding vowel; sometimes pronounced like "y" in "yet"
(dag =mountain, pronounced daa , rhymes with the "baa" of "baa baa black sheep";
diger =other, pronounced diyer )

lı( undotted "i" ) "u" as in "radium" or "i" as in "cousin" (ışık =ligth, ırmak = river )
İi( dotted "i" ) ="i" as in "sit" ( bir = one, pronounced like "beer" )
Jj = "j" as in "azure" (garaj = garage, pronounced as in French & English )
Oo = "o" as in "fold"(okul =school )
Öö German "ö" as in "König" or French "eu" as in "peur"( göl = lake, rhymes with furl)
Ss="s" as in "sing", never pronounced like a "z" as the "s" in "his"(ses = voice)
Şş="sh"as in "ship" (şey = thing, pronounced "shey" , rhymes with "hay")
Uu "oo" as in "boot" (buz = ice, pronounced like "booze")
Üü German "ü" as in "für" or French "u" as in "tu" (gül = rose)
Zz="z" as in "zoo" (beyaz = white)

Turkish belongs to the Turkic branch of the Altaic language family.

Some useful Turkish words and expressions are :

MerhabaHello[response is the same word]GünaydınGood day
HoşgeldinizWelcomeHoş buldukreply of the person arriving
Nasılsınız?How are you?İyiyimI am well
Teşekkür ederimThank youBir şey degilNot at all / You're welcome
Adınız / İsminiz nedir ?What is your name ?Adım / İsmim ___.My name is _____.
Memnun oldumI'm pleased to meet you.Ben de memnun oldum.I, too , am pleased to meet you
İyi GünlerGood day. / Have a nice dayİyi AkşamlarGood evening
İyi GecelerGood nightAllahaısmarladık-bye.[said by person leaving]
Güle güleGood-bye.[said to person leaving]BuyurunAfter you. / Come in. / Be seated / Help yourself; etc.
Elinize saglıkHealth to your hands.[said to person who prepared food]Afiyet olsunBon appétit
AffedersinizExcuse meLütfenPlease
İnşallahIf God willsEfendim?What did you say? / I beg your pardon?
DikkatPay attention!/ Watch out!Kaça?/ Ne kadar?How much is it? / What does it cost?
Bu pahalıThis is expensiveO pahalı degilThat is not expensive
Bu çok ucuzThis is very inexpensive / cheapİstiyorumI want [it, this, that]
İstemiyorumI don't want [it, this, that]  

Numbers :

Bir(1) , iki(2), üç(3), dört(4), beş(5), altı(6), yedi(7), sekiz(8), dokuz(9), on(10), onbir(11), oniki(12) , yirmi(20), yirmibeş(25), otuz(30), otuzüç(33), kırk(40), kırkaltı(46), elli(50) , ellibeş(55), altmış(60), altmışiki(62), yetmiş(70), yetmişsekiz(78), seksen(80), seksenbir(81), doksan(90), doksanyedi(97), yüz(100), yüzdokuz(109), yüzellibir(151), ikiyüzonbeş(215), üçyüzotuz(330), bin(1000), bin dokuz yüz doksan altı(1996), milyon(milion), milyar(billion).

Other Useful Vocabulary :

Portakal suyuOrange-juiceBardakglass
Et suyumeat-brothTabakplate
Şekersugar, candy, sweetBüyükbig, large
KahvecoffeeKüçüksmall, little
Sadeno sugarErkekman, male
Az şekerlia little sugarKadınwoman
Çok şekerlia lot of sugarKızgirl
Ayranyogurt drinkOglanboy
BiberpepperKız kardeşsister
TuzsaltErkek kardeşbrother
EkmekbreadOhe , she, it, that
PeynircheeseArkadaşfriend, colleague
MezeappetizersAmerika Birleşik DevletleriUnited States Of America
Türkiye CumhuriyetiRepublic of TurkeyTavukchicken
Salatasalad, lettuceMeyvafruit
Dondurmaice cream, sorbetÇatalfork

Dorset photographer :-)

A new photography website I found  who is based in Dorset, England. My great grandma grew up in Dorset in the 1920s!
It was neat to find it. Robert Whetton is the Photographer.