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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New handmade cards I have been making. If you are interested in buying one, they are $3 each. (includes envelope. Plus the inside is left blank for your message)

I sell them at a Farmer's Market during the summer. I enjoy making creative things. These cards were made during one of my recent "spurts" of creativity. :-) :-)

Neat idea for cards from another blog.

Farmer's Market: cherries!

A country window with curtain

baby card


*Anna M.* :) said...

Hey Elizabeth!
This is Anna Morris, we just saw you're comments and Mom wanted me to hop over here and answer the questions you had!
I don't *think* I've heard of Tom Rye, but the name does sound just *slightly* familiar. :) Caleb and Dan took violin from a professor at UCO, by the name of Dr. Zhu.
Actually I haven't entered in photo's in the County Fair...I wanted to, but didn't make the deadline last year. So maybe this year I'll try again! :)
As for the Rose Bushes...I think Mom just has a lovely knack for flower gardening to get them to do so well! :) We do water them, but don't really use fertilizer. She usually sprays something on them in the spring to help with bugs though. But the main thing is the soil--most of ours are really "old" bushes, they've been here awhile, and that soil has been quite worked over. :) Mom suggests reading on the internet about'd probablly be an interesting thing to do! :)

I didn't know you had a blog~~you have *wonderful* talent in photography! Keep it up! :D And I saw that you enjoy piano...I love it too! It has been such a joy to teach the younger ones! Such FUN! :)
This has turned into a rather long comment...hopefully you don't mind~ :)

Blessings to you and your family!

*Rejoicing in His Love,*
Anna M.

Janet said...

Oh I think your cards are beatiful! How creative you are! I will be stopping by your blog to say hello. Feel free to stop by mine sometime!
Sending warmest greetings from South Africa!

Our Family said...

Anna, Thanks for your comment, and answering my questions!

Janet, Thank-you for your comment as well... I will visit your blog soon!